Single Channel Video | Video Installation | 2017

*collaborated with Mone Kaneko, Shin Nakatani, Lucca Weigert.

The standard of interpersonal distance varies from culture to culture. Shaking hands or pecking cheeks may seem normal and appropriate on one hand but they could be rude on the other. 間 (ma), a Japanese word that can be roughly translated as "space in-between", has a strong root in its culture. Not only can it be regarded as an aesthetic, but also a way how people shall interact. 間 (ma) refers to an "appropriate" space that should be left between people so as to achieve a comfortable interaction. However, it, like walls between numerous apartment in big cities, may distance people from one another at the same time. Although the walls are physically paper-like, they are mentally unbreakable. Our installation aims at revealing this phenomenon and encouraging spectators to rethink the thin line between privacy and isolation.